Date:  May 18, 2017
Time:  6:00 PM
Location:  Central United Methodist Church, 201 3rd Ave, Knoxville, TN 37917, USA

The Recode Knoxville Kickoff event was held last night and the project and the consultants were officially introduced.

The event was hosted at Central United Methodist Church last night, Thursday, May 18, where Mayor Madeline Rogero and MPC Executive Director Gerald Green welcomed over 100 people to the meeting. They then turned it over to staff from Camiros, the consultants hired to assist in the project, for a presentation (linked below). The presentation was recorded by CTV and can be viewed below. The meeting wrapped up with an open house where community members spoke one-on-one with MPC, City, and Camiros staff.


CTV Broadcast


Recent Comments

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Enjoyed the presentation! Feeling hopeful. Consultants insprire confidence. Don't forget aesthetics. We want modern, forward thinking, environmentally sound and beautiful city.

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Please protect the character of neighborhoods by providing appropriate "buffer" zones between residential and all others. Please ensure that definitions of the types of uses in a particular zone are not open to interpretation (especially by someone who no particular knowledge of the "use" in question.

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I'm excited about Camiros being hired for this work. I enjoyed their presentation and am looking forward to the process. I hope that Knoxville will adopt a new zoning ordinance that will protect and provide for open space, promote mixed-use and resource responsible development, facilitate re-use and infill development and encourage density near our city center and along transit corridors. Thank you for this process and project

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Trolleys or public transportation connecting both Downtown North/Happy Holler and South Knox Waterfront to downtown. Encourage small business uses in neighborhoods - neighborhood caf?, bookstore, maker and/or encourage entreprenuership by allowing small biz use in a homes (Apple started in a garage).

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Interested in seeing lots of mixed use zoning. Protection for streams and river environment. Native plant landscaping. Public transit, walkability, bike lanes.
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