Throughout the project, we’ll post questions and comments that have been submitted on comment cards collected at community meetings, sent via email or submitted via the website.

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Established Neighborhoods

Please leave the Codes as is for Established Older neighborhoods. I am opposed to the Recode proposal.

These established neighborhoods define Knoxville and would be horrible for that to change.They give character and define much of he history of Knoxville.

The Recode proposal would destroy this history.

Many folks move to Established Neighborhoods for the coding it now has. The coding and lot sizes and architect style attracts folks to these locations.

A Recode is not good.

Multi-family Housing Zoning

Knoxville needs to be zoned for more affordable, multi-family housing.

Draft 2 Comments

Thank you for the opportunity to review and comment on the second draft of Recode Knoxville. Many of the regulations in the proposed code succeed in streamlining the permitting process and providing design flexibility. The proposed code should also: protect and promote residential character; establish a transparent, interactive development review process; and ensure that our overall community is attractive.

Ensure that existing and proposed residential development promotes a sense of community.

1. Home Occupation - in addition to the proposed regulations there should be a size limit (25% of habitable floor area) and a limit on public visits (by appointment only which can be achieved by not advertising the address). There is no restriction on the number of public visits. No stipulation as to adverse impacts (noise, light, smell, vibration)

2. Day Care Homes - the standards in the existing code should be maintained. As written there is no limit on # of children and no requirement to maintain residential appearance or character.

3. Kennels - the typical limit of five dogs/cats prevents residential animal hoarding. As proposed, there is no limit.

4. Accessory Dwelling Units - as written, this standard will entice investors to bid on properties, construct a second dwelling unit, then rent both units out thereby driving up the market price of residential property and degrading the stability and social fabric of neighborhood community. This escalating value of real estate lessens the availability of affordable/workforce houses. By requiring the homeowner to live on the property, the home owner has a revenue stream (helpful for moderate or low-income families) or lodging for family or caretakers, close control of the property, an on-site contact for neighbors should complaints arise, and disincentivizes rapid increase of market rates (investors would not want to live on the property).

5. Multi-family - provide simple design standards to avoid a shoe box appearance; such as façade modulation, variation in texture or color, and porches/balconies/decks.

6. Consistency - EN has a minimum lot size of 22,000 sq. ft. per Table 4-1. EN with a HP overlay has a minimum lot size of 7,200 sq. ft. (6 du per acre) Table 8-1. "Table 8-1: Density and Land Disturbance Limitation establishes the maximum residential density ." Why would HP allow greater density?

7. Garage Sales - how frequently can an owner have a garage sale until it becomes a business?

Establish a transparent, interactive development review process.

1. Expand the flow charts to include appeals.
2. Require posted signs to be clearly visible by two-way traffic on each right-of-way contiguous to the property.
3. The required 12 days for sign posting should not include holidays as people are more likely to be away.
4. Provide notice to neighborhood associations.
5. Special Use Conditions should also be able to address use impacts such as hours of operation, noise, etc.
6. Provide mailed notice of applications for Administrative Decisions to contiguous property owners and post a yard sign.
7. For Special Use approval note that this does not set a precedence.
8. For Variance Approval Standards add: The Applicant did not create the situation; and, Other options involving a lesser variance has been considered.
9. Extending nonconforming walls should require a variance process

Ensure that our overall community is attractive.

1. Cell Towers should not be a permitted use in the Neighborhood Commercial Zoning District. This district is "intended to provide for an environment of integrated residential development and small-scale commercial and service uses, predominantly serving nearby residential neighborhoods." Town Hall East was able to successfully deter a proposed cell tower in the Burlington commercial center due to notice of public hearing process.

2. Increase the likelihood that required landscaping will survive either through a two-year landscape maintenance bond or irrigation.

Re-code Comment

As a Knoxville resident living in a transitional area that is undergoing gentrification, I am very concerned about the future of racial and economic diversity in our neighborhoods.

It is absolutely imperative that any zoning changes resulting from the recode process accommodate the need for increased housing density that would be necessary to preserve socioeconomic diversity.

Zoning Map

Put back the Orange, but not just for expensive high rise condos, build more affordable housing!


I am alarmed to see the proposed reduction of land that can be used for multi-family housing development. We are already facing an affordable housing crisis in Knoxville and can ill-afford to lose the ability to develop additional multi-family units.

Affordable Housing

PUT BACK THE ORANGE. Knoxville needs more multi family housing not less. You are prioritizing higher income folks and not pushing Knoxville to be a city that prioritizes the vast need for affordable housing. I've been to meetings and you are always citing comments from West Hills or Sequoya Hills, or Fountain City and not referring to comments made at the Urban League meetings from Burlington residents from East Knoxville residents and you actively tell them you are not recording their comments despite the fact that a forum or meeting could be their only way to provide a comment. PUT BACK THE ORANGE and stop excluding low income folks' comments.

Affordable Housing

Please put back the orange! More, not less, affordable housing is needed. Thank you.

Housing Unfairness

Please: "put the orange back" in your planning process!

Put Back The Orange

Put Back The Orange.

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