This joint city-county agency was formed in 1956 to guide the growth and development of both Knoxville and Knox County.

The Knoxville City Charter requires that MPC prepare five- and 15-year comprehensive development plans. The Charter also requires MPC to annually update the land-use policies that form the legal basis for zoning decisions in Knoxville. These policies are embodied in the One Year Plan and effectively link zoning and comprehensive planning.

Project Role

Staff of the MPC will manage the update of the zoning code. MPC staff will serve as the primary contact for the consultant during the project. and will administer the contract, provide direction, approve work, and authorize payment of invoices that are submitted. MPC will serve as the central point of contact for communication between the consultant and the project team. All communication, whether from City and MPC staff or the community, will be funneled through MPC staff.

MPC also will be responsible for managing the public input process, from providing staff support to the Public Stakeholder Advisory Committee to organizing and managing community meetings. MPC staff will work with the community to ensure that the development standards established by the zoning code update will implement the community’s vision for Knoxville.

Planning Commissioners, appointed to serve on the Metropolitan Planning Commission by the City and County Mayor, will also play an active part in the update. They will review the draft document and their recommendation to the Knoxville City Council will lead the project’s adoption phase.