Date:  September 19, 2017
Time:  5:30 PM
Location:  Central United Methodist Church, 201 3rd Ave, Knoxville, TN 37917

The Recode Knoxville Technical Report was the focus of the second major community meeting on September 19, 2017

At the meeting, a presentation was given to the community at a public meeting held at Central United Methodist Church in the historic Fourth & Gill neighborhood. Bill Lyons, Chief Policy Officer & Deputy to the Mayor, and MPC’s Gerald Green opened the meeting with an update on the project.

They then turned it over to Arista Strungys and Chris Jennette of Camiros, the consultants assisting the City and MPC with the project, who reviewed the draft Technical Report. After the report was reviewed, Camiros and MPC staff moved to stations set up at the back of the room to answer questions from those in attendance.


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Recent Comments

I am an urban farmer in East KnoxvilleURBANAG: The current permit is $100 for a farmstand for a 9-month season. We have food access issues in Knoxville, and in order to make food more accessible ? lay farmers/backyard farmers should be able to set up a stand to sell for free. Wave a profit requirement ? if you gross> $500(?) you have to pay, but let hobby farmers provide food to their neighbors. Consider incentives for food production in urban neighborhoods. Not just community gardens, but market gardens. Consider property tax breaks for people growing food in the city, similar to how rural areas have agricultural designations. Particularly on empty lots that are purchased from the city.H1 (historic overly and design guide) My neighborhood is in this process of approval by MPC/City Council. Should the process be suspended until this Recode is complete? They seem very duplicative. We are spending great amounts of time, money, & energy resources to create/debate something that may be changed significantly. I have a lot of questions about the AG special purpose district! ?Farmland? is now inside residential areas in urban settings!
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Shouldn?t use categories be separated by impact not type: retail establishment & convenience store (with gas) has a very diff visual & traffic impact than book stores.PUD ? consider formal approval of concept plan so developer has some certainty before committing $ to prelim plan.Very glad code is being reworked. It?s impossible to figure out! Re-subdivided lots vs tax parcels. See past Planning magazine article.
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The presentation demonstrates a strong move in the right direction. Thank you for your time. I will be keeping up to date with further updates and I look forward to the change. If I think of any ideas or if I see any potential issues, then I will contact your organization and let you know. Thanks again!
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Thank you for working to make the zoning & code easier to understand. The presentation was very helpful & clear. Good work! I am particularly interested in protecting residential areas from industrial buildings (maybe with more than just buffer green spaces) & revising buildings. I hope the new zoning code can help with fragmentation in the cityl. I am also concerned with what it would look like if the community wanted to fight a PUD. How easy would that be? I hope easy. Thank you!
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I think these changes will make everything easier and more clear. I wish I had some constructive criticism, but everything looks great.
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