Knoxville’s zoning ordinance hasn’t undergone a thorough review in half a century.

Recode Knoxville is our chance to adopt modern standards that will support continued development and redevelopment of the City in a manner that uses resources efficiently and builds a strong, sustainable, walkable community.

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Recode Zoning Charts

Though the names of zones have changed through Recode Knoxville, the uses of those zones have largely stayed the same. Charts are now available that illustrate the changes made to each type of zone. Notes are included to explain major changes in each zone. The charts present percentage shares of old zoned acreage in new Recode zones. Percentage shares that are very small may not be visible on the chart, but values are shown in the legend.

Recode Zoning Charts

Draft 5, Articles 1-9 Updated

Knoxville City Council considered Recode through Article nine at their May 14 meeting. The Articles posted on the Project Documents & Reports page show those changes in green. Council will continue working through the remainder of Draft 5 on their next special meeting on May 30. The meeting will be held at 3:00 pm in the Main Assembly Room of the City County Building.

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In aging industrial sites and commercial areas

Better, more flexible standards that help them thrive


Neighborhoods and preserve our history

Support the places that make Knoxville our home


Our corridors, neighborhoods, and natural amenities

Better connect our community to the river and natural beauty