Knoxville’s zoning ordinance hasn’t undergone a thorough review in half a century.

Recode Knoxville is our chance to adopt modern standards that will support continued development and redevelopment of the City in a manner that uses resources efficiently and builds a strong, sustainable, walkable community.

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Ordinance and Map Passed on First Reading

After making an amendment to the text of Recode, Knoxville City Council once again voted to pass the ordinance on first reading at their July 30 meeting. In addition to approving the ordinance, they also voted to approve the accompanying zoning map on first reading. Both the ordinance and map are on the agenda for a second reading at the August 13 meeting.

Recode Passed on First Reading

The comprehensive update to Knoxville’s zoning ordinance was approved by City Council on first reading at their regularly scheduled meeting on July 16, 2019. Council made their way through a list of proposed changes that originated from previous meetings held in May. All changes can be viewed in the updated text of Draft 5. Council will meet again on July 30, at which time a second vote will be held.

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In aging industrial sites and commercial areas

Better, more flexible standards that help them thrive


Neighborhoods and preserve our history

Support the places that make Knoxville our home


Our corridors, neighborhoods, and natural amenities

Better connect our community to the river and natural beauty