Will the zoning map be updated?

Yes, this effort will include a revised zoning ordinance, as well as a process to decide what the City’s zoning map will look like in the future. The new map will reflect updated districts nomenclature and in some cases, the boundaries of existing districts will change. The effort to create a new map will begin in the Spring of 2018. You can view the current zoning of properties in Knoxville on the Recode Knoxville website.

How can I find the current zoning of a property?

The City’s zoning map is made available through an interactive mapping website. To locate a property in the City, type in the address or other information into the search bar the at top of the page.

A table showing district abbreviations, district names and links to the zoning ordinance can be found in the resources section of this site.

What is a zoning map?

The City maintains a map of the zoning districts in the City allowing the applicable zoning designation for any property to be easily identified. The map is considered part of the ordinance. The ordinance also includes instructions for interpreting the map when questions arise around the boundaries of any zoning district.