Recode Knoxville Map Draft 1

The new map, along with tools to compare the existing zoning and provide comments are available online.

Along with the second draft of the zoning ordinance update, Draft Map 1 is now available for review. This map reflects the proposed changes to the ordinance and shows how they would be applied to existing properties.

View the Draft 1 Map
Public comments about the map will be accepted through September 13, 2018. Comments will be evaluated for incorporation into a second draft to be released this fall. A special web page has been developed to help gather location-specific comments.

Understanding the Proposals

To help understand the proposed changes, several additional documents were presented to City Council at a workshop on July 26, 2018 and to the Stakeholder Advisory Committee meeting on August 2.

Several community meetings are scheduled for August, and a tutorial on how to access and comment on the new map will be given at each.