Below is a summary of the revisions to Draft 5. Follow the links to view the revisions within the context of each article highlighted in red and blue.


  • Revisions made in response to Council direction and public comments, but address issues considered by Planning Commission in their review of the proposed zoning code update
  • Spelling and grammatical revisions throughout code

Article 1

  • Reference to adopted City plans
  • Provision for Request for Change in Designation to Prior Zoning Equivalent added
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Article 2

  • New/revised definitions for approximately half dozen terms, typically using definitions in current code or clarification of wording
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Article 3

  • No revisions of note

Article 4

  • Residential districts described as low, medium, or high density
  • Reduced setback in RN-6 if within 1 mile of downtown to allow for more urban design
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Article 5

  • Restriction on structure size (5,000 SF) in 0ffice district unless design standards are met applicable only if adjacent to single family residential zone
  • Blanket provision addressing height of taller buildings in mixed use zones when adjacent to single-family residential districts – building setback increase as height increases above 45’
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Article 6

  • Increase rear setback for industrial uses when adjacent to residential zones to 50’
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Article 7

  • Form based codes (SW and CU) inserted in their entirety
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Article 8

  • Neighborhoods built more than 50 years ago eligible for Infill Housing overlay
  • Hillside Overlay provisions revised to apply only to residential development and to avoid conflicts with vested rights
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Article 9

  • Clarify that certain uses prohibited as standalone structures in Office Park district
  • Change of neighborhood nonresidential reuse requires special use hearing
  • Revised sign standards for neighborhood nonresidential reuse
  • Clarification of number of temporary events and time limit for temporary events in residential districts
  • Temporary events and temporary sales can be held by registered neighborhood organizations
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Use Matrix (Table 9.1)

  • Clarification of three uses
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Article 10

  • Revised exterior lighting standards to reduce impact of exterior lighting on residential properties
  • Deleted authority for building official to grant modifications of building code requirements for ADU’s
  • Require off-street parking for ADU’s
  • Clarified permitted sales and percentage of home used for home occupations
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Article 11

  • Clarified that meeting parking standards on existing development is triggered when parking area is redeveloped, not when building is redeveloped or use changes
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Article 12

  • No significant changes

Article 13

  • No significant changes – sign code inserted with zoning district references changed to reflect proposed districts
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Article 14

  • Powers and authority of Tennessee Technology Corridor Development Authority (TTCDA) inserted
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Article 15

  • Vested rights provisions clarified, using language from state legislation and current code
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Article 16

  • Time limit for action by City Council on code/map amendment recommendations clarified (language from current code)
  • Standards from current code for approval of variances and special uses (use on review) replace proposed standards
  • Review of landscape plan delegated to Planning staff
  • Require mailed and posted notice of Planning Commission meeting at which Planned Development concept plan, if provided, is reviewed
  • Limits on number of times and time period for which period of validity of approvals can be extended, generally one extension for one time period
  • Appeals section reformatted and clarified by using language from current code
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Article 17

  • Clarification of that a nonconforming lot of record (language similar to that in current code)
  • The nonconformities section has been replaced with the nonconformities language from the current ordinance
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Article 18

  • No significant changes