Knoxville's zoning code includes a set of zoning districts, district regulations and maps.

The City's current code is found in Appendix B of the City of Knoxville Code of Ordinances.

View the current City of Knoxville Zoning Ordinance

Base Districts

Each parcel of land in the City of Knoxville is assigned a base zoning district that regulates aspects of the property's permitted uses, building size, density, yard size, parking and other parameters.

The tables below list each district in the City's current zoning ordinance and provides links to the section of the ordinance where the specifics of each district are described.

District Type
District name
Office park district
Central business district
Planned Development
RP-1, RP-2, and RP-3
Planned residential districts
Planned Development
Planned industrial district
Planned Development
Town center district
Form Districts
South waterfront district

Overlay Districts

Zoning overlays address additional aspects of land use control or development design to protect structures, neighborhoods or promote compatible design through the use of design guidelines or regulations adopted for each district.