The Recode Knoxville project will include public workshops, open houses, surveys, and charrettes.

These events and tools will allow us to gather input and listen to community members. Public hearings will also be held during the project's adoption phase. The zoning recode process will include these and other outreach methods to fully vet the new zoning ordinance with the public, boards, and commissions.

This will not be a top-down review. We need to hear what works best from residents, business owners and developers.
-Mayor Madeline Rogero

Your Participation is Important

Throughout the process, we will provide opportunities to the public to monitor our work and give feedback.

To achieve a high standard of involvement, our community must:

Be aware of the process
Project website, event calendars, email newsletters, social media updates (Facebook, Twitter)
Raise concerns
Public meetings, issue charrettes, email comments, Stakeholder Advisory Committee
Contribute ideas
Public meetings, issue charrettes, email comments, Stakeholder Advisory Committee
Be aware of the decisions made
Stakeholder outreach, public hearings, community presentations


In addition to these public forums, zoning projects also require reaching out to key stakeholder groups

Often the input needed from developers, business owners, and similar groups are not fully communicated in public forums. As part of our outreach, we will seek out these key groups, organize special meetings, and attend their scheduled events to get their input.