The City of Knoxville and the Metropolitan Planning Commission (MPC) have launched a new website for Recode Knoxville, the project to update the City’s zoning code.

The Recode Knoxville website, which can be found at, will host all information regarding the project. The website includes an event calendar, project timeline, news, general information and frequently asked questions, Stakeholder Advisory Committee agendas and minutes, and contact information. Those interested in learning more and staying up-to-date are encouraged to visit the website and check back regularly for updates.

We’re eager to hear the community’s reactions to the update,” said Gerald Green, MPC’s Executive Director.

“Both MPC and the City are encouraging input throughout the project to inform us of the vision community members have for their city. We hope interested individuals and groups will visit the website regularly and submit comments."

The first community meeting for the zoning code update is scheduled for May 18 at 6 pm at Central United Methodist Church, 201 3rd Ave. Attendees will have an opportunity to learn about the update and general zoning information by speaking one-on-one with MPC and City staff. There will also be a presentation given by Camiros, the consultants assisting in the project.

In 2016, Knoxville Mayor Madeline Rogero proposed that MPC conduct a complete review and update of the City’s zoning ordinance. After City Council approved funding for the request, City and MPC staff selected a team with both local and national expertise. A staff committee of City and MPC staff is providing local expertise, and a stakeholder committee is representing business, neighborhood, environmental, and other groups from the community. Camiros, a full-service planning, zoning, and urban design consultancy, has been hired to assist in the process.

Knoxville’s zoning hasn’t undergone a thorough review in nearly 60 years. Recode Knoxville will allow the city to adopt modern standards to help shape the city for the next 20-40 years. It will also help protect and enhance Knoxville’s sense of place over the next few decades. Knox County is projected to add 170,000 residents by 2040, and this update will help prepare the community for that growth by striking a balance between protecting historic characteristics of neighborhoods and creating standards that encourage dynamic growth. It will encourage investment, protect valued community assets, and encourage connectivity among people and places.

To achieve these goals, the guiding principles for the update include:

• Promoting development and redevelopment in a manner that uses resources efficiently;
• Building a strong, sustainable, walkable community; and
• Encouraging and gathering public input from the Knoxville community and business leaders.

For more information, please contact Gerald Green at (865) 215-3758 or You can also sign up to receive updates on the project at