The July Stakeholder Advisory Committee brought community members together to review an upcoming report and discuss responses to the the first community survey.

Camiros consultants Arista Strungys and Chris Jennette were in Knoxville on July 18 and 19 to dive a little deeper into the City’s current zoning regulations.

On July 18, Strungys and Jennette spent time reviewing the draft technical review report and getting additional input from City and MPC staff to help inform their analysis. The purpose of this feedback was to address the consultants’ outstanding questions as they finalize the draft for public review. The report will provide an in-depth description of the City’s current regulations to be referred to by the consultants as they begin drafting an update to the Code.

The draft technical review report is expected to be released for public review later in August.

On July 19, Camiros staff participated in the third Recode Knoxville Public Stakeholder Advisory Committee meeting. A brief explanation of the technical review report was provided as well as an overview of Recode’s first community survey.

The Stakeholder Advisory Committee meeting was recorded by CTV and the video is available on their Vimeo channel.

A survey to obtain initial input regarding the zoning code update was developed by MPC staff and was open to the public is from June 19-July 12. The survey received over 1,600 responses and the results provided the project team with a sampling of community preferences that will help inform the update. The results also allowed the team to get a better sense of which neighborhoods in the City were not well represented. This information will help the team improve community engagement efforts in the future.

More information about community input to-date can be found on the feedback page where public comments are available for review.

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