How do proposed residential districts compare to existing districts?

One of the three primary goals of Recode Knoxville is to protect things uniquely Knoxville. Our neighborhoods are key to the strength of our community, and we want to protect these areas in order to maintain that vitality.

With that in mind, the current districts and the development patterns of our neighborhoods were used as a base for crafting new residential districts. The intent of the proposed residential districts is to encourage investment while protecting the unique characteristics that define our neighborhoods and provide a sense of place. We also want the new code to be clear and consistent. We’ve prepared a comparison chart of the proposed and existing districts to outline the changes, though there were instances where direct conversions from existing districts were impossible. In those cases, we looked at development patterns to determine placement of the new districts.

Take a look at the chart and the online map and let us know what we got right and where we missed the mark.

Comparison Table (PDF)